Yannik Stegmann

Scientific Researcher

University of Würzburg

Hi! I’m a scientific researcher at University of Würzburg in the Department of Psychology. My research interests include fear, anxiety and anxiety disorders in general. I’m particularly interested in how aversive learning shapes the perception of our environment. To study this, I mostly investigate electrocortical indices of perception and attention.

At the moment, I am also doing a psychotherapist training at the University of Würzburg, focusing on CBT. Both - academia and psychotherapy - are important to me. Therefore, I am very excited about teaching classes at the University of Würzburg, in which I try to combine my research about neuroscientific and biopsychological methods with my experience on clinical psychology.


  • Fear, Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders
  • Aversive Learning
  • Electrocortical Indices of Perception and Attention


  • PhD in Psychology, 2021

    University of Würzburg

  • MSc in Psychology, 2016

    University of Würzburg

  • BSc in Psychology, 2014

    University of Würzburg